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Gounod-Liszt Faust Walzer

Gounod-Liszt Faust Walzer

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upcoming albums | Gramola & World-Of-Piano Labels

  • Martin Ivanov plays Martin Ivanov

  • Liszt Transcriptions

  • Album Series "Concert repertoire"

  • Martin Ivanov plays Bach

  • Chopin Nocturnes

  • Various Chamber Music albums

*all recordings between 2021-2023


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The Bulgarian pianist Martin Ivanov was born in a family of musicians and started playing the piano at the age of 4, taking his piano lessons from his mother, who remained his teacher up until he graduated the National School of Arts in his hometown Ruse in 2009.

Within his school years, Martin has participated in over 50 piano competitions all over Europe, receiving over 45 prizes. In 2006 he was noticed by the director of “Jeunesses Musicales” Bucharest, and was invited

to give tours for several years in France, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Greece and in Romania, where he managed to regularly play piano concertos with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Sibiu, Romania. In 2008 he was awarded with the biggest prize of his hometown “Ruse 21st century” for extraordinary accomplishments in the music area.

In 2009 Martin was accepted to study with the famous professor Oleg Maisenberg at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, where he was placed 3rd out of over 120 candidates. During his life in Vienna, he has played at many important Festivals, such as “Peter The Great” Netherlands, “San Daniele Piano Meeting”, “II ‘suono’ di Liszt a Villa d’Este” Italy, “Varna Summer International Festival” and “Apolonia” Bulgaria, “Beethoven Festival”, “Haydn Region” Austria, “International Festival de Musica de Toledo” Spain, “Festival of Pennautier”, “Cabardièses Festival” and the “Chopin Festival Nohant” in France, to name just a few.

In 2010 he made his debut at Salle Gaveau in Paris with a great success and received many following invitations to play in France, thanks to the French pianist and director Chantal Stigliani. In 2011 Martin gave his debut at the Slovakia’s National Radio, where he was remembered for his outstanding performance of Stravinsky’s “Three movements of Petrouschka”. 2011 was very important year, as he also met the the Bulgarian violinist and future spouse Maria Ramalchanova. Together as a duo they have been performing in many European countries and have organised many events, such as Master-classes academies in Austria and concerts. Since 2015 Maria has been responsible for his artistic career.

In 2016 Martin played a recital for the France Musique, which led to be introduced to french pianist and director of Chopin Festival in Nohant, Yves- Henry. In the same year he has also invited to give three concert tours in England, Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary with a total of 32 piano recitals. A year later he started working with Austrian’s biggest music label “Gramola”, recording all Waltzes by Frederic Chopin, which have been accepted by the large audience with much respect and until today, that is his best selling CD. In 2018 he released his second album called “Fantasiestücke und Novelleten” by Robert Schumann, in 2019 - his third “Sonata in b minor and Paganini Etudes” by Franz Liszt and in 2020 - his second Liszt’s album “Complete Hungarian Rhapsodies”.

Next to his regular occurs, Martin gave his biggest concert to this point in 2019, playing all Hungarian Rhapsodies by Liszt in one evening before the eyes of a sold out hall in Vienna. Lasting over two hours, such repertoire represents an enormous amount of technique, memory and body energy that many would say that it is impossible. Although there may have been somebody in history, who has performed this exact program, there is no such documentation to be found.

Starting in 2021, Martin has been very concentrated in spending a lot of time at the recording studio. Upcoming albums include Liszt Transcriptions, various Works by Bach, Chopin Nocturnes, "Concert repertoire" Series of five CDs, "Martin Ivanov plays Martin Ivanov", as well as a lot of chamber music for a total of 12 albums, recorded in 2021/2022.

In 2021 he made his debut at the Golden Hall of Musikverein, Vienna with the Symphony Orchestra of Musikverein, performing Dvorak’s Piano Concerto op. 33 with the conductor Robert Zelzer.