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Updated: May 14, 2019

To be honest, I, like many others, have been searching for a good manager for quite some time now. It seems to me that if you are more on the unknown side as an artist nowadays it doesn't really matter how good you perform or what your people skills are. It seems that it only matters who recommends you to which agent, conductor, organisation etc.

And there aren't a lot of well known people who are willing to do that for somebody else.

That could be quite discouraging, considering the amount of work one has put in into becoming a musician. On the other hand...there is a great number of poor (in a sense of...bad) musicians who are also trying constantly to get noticed and I, in a way, respect the barrier set by those with more power.

But lets speak about the better artists who are struggling to get the attention of the upper class. Should they consider quitting? Should they change directions? I do know people who are very good at what they do and they simply give up or have their doubts about if it is really worth pursuing a career in classical music. Some of them do change directions as they start performing other genres of music, while others change profession in general. That's a pity, knowing that there are some world-known stars, who, very often, take their careers for granted and allow them selfs to play...let say NOT extremely good every time.

If not quit, then what?

Sometimes I find it hard to have to think about self-promoting when your actual job is to practice and be prepared for your next performance. But for me, personally, music has always been my biggest dream and I am the happiest person on the planet for just being able to play the piano! Music is a great friend and sometimes you just have to play it for yourself.

But hey...yeah...it is 21st century and people need exposure! What is the point to only play for yourself, when no one ever notices you?!

Well...I have so far never had an agent, who does everything for his artist. And I have still managed to play over 200 concerts for the last few years and make a living! I will be playing over 40 concerts in 2019 and I have booked performances for 2020 as well.

The truth, for me, is...

if someone is really good, then he will find a way.

  • Chopin - Nocturne op. 55 No. 1 ---

And now going back to the title of this blog...

While searching for the "right way", one of the things I have decided to do is start a YouTube channel, where I will upload my video and audio recordings every week.

I will try to reach as many people as possible, especially music lovers. After all, music lovers are the main audience of a concert musician and listening to music makes THEM happy. And honestly, that is enough for me. I want to try and make people happy.

And I love playing the piano.

You can help me grow my channel by subscribing and sharing. This will give me huge motivation to produce more music and give you the best I am able to give!

Now I leave you with the music of Chopin. See you soon!

All yours,

Martin Ivanov

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